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Paper Craft
A Multi-Hyphenate

After attending the American Black Film Festival, I felt empowered to explore all of my talents. My love of Producing, Writing, and Creative Direction led me to obtain my Master's in Television Radio, and Film at the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. During this time I created a half-hour Dramedy, Chasing Viral, directed several short films as a part of my directing class, served as art director on the web series Alt and served as a producer on a short film. Each project serves my purpose to expand and redefine the narrative of the Black experience in America, even if it is not obvious how.

Chasing Viral: "The Cyph" (Proof of Concept)

Role: Showrunner/ Writer, Actor, Stylist

5 almost famous friends and Black Zip-Zappers (Tik Tokers) living in Syracuse, NY navigate school, life, and internet bullies to create family and success on a new path to fame.

Full Video:

Follow @chasing_viral for more information!

Alt: "So What Now?"

Role: Art Director, Assisted with other tasks, including directing actor performance and script supervision, as needed, Co-Star

Alt  (created and written by Chidube Egbo) tells the story of a young, Black, and Gay writer trying to figure out his next steps and creating the representation he wishes to see.

Full Episode:

Protest March Signs

Grief (Working Title)

Role: Producer/ Cultural Consultant

Grief tells the story of a white police officer trying to enjoy his birthday party with his family while being haunted by the ghost of the Black man he murdered. Writtend and Directed by Nicholas Blauner.

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