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My name is Gaelyn Drew Smith. I am a proud alumna of the Syracuse University Department of Drama, where I received my B.F.A. in Acting in 2020. 

Most recently, I played Ruby Bridges in  How Old is a Hero?  as apart of the Smithsonian Museum's Discovery Theatre. I am currently understudying Letitia in Clyde's  at Studio Theatre.

Some of my favorite TV shows are All American: Homecoming, Abbott Elementary, and Insecure. I am a  Beyoncé stan, a french fry fanatic, activist, and Daddy's Girl. 

As an Actor, I believe it is my purpose to empower Black youth by expanding and redefining the narratives of the Black identity in America on Television, Film, and Stage.

Legit Rep: Katie Murphy at the Pantera Murphy Agency

Just Trying to be Your New Favorite Actor
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